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Those of you who know me from instagram, know how much I believe in the power of journaling. It is a great tool we can use to ground ourselves, reflect on the cycles of life we continue to travel through, and to set our attitude. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about journaling and how I know what to write. So here is one week of journal prompts to get you started!

Just to be clear, you can journal anywhere. It works best though if you set aside 15 minutes or so, find a quiet place, and turn your phone on airplane mode. Try to do this distraction free so that you can get the most out of this time. Also, take this time to physically write these journal entries down. Phones are great tools but they take away the simplicity of this practice so it is best if you do this the old fashioned way!

DAY 1: What are you grateful for?

Write down everything you are grateful for. Let your gratitude flow and don’t worry about ordering things by their level of importance. Don’t feel any pressure to have anything in any place on your list. Just let everything and everyone you are grateful for travel through your pen onto your paper.

Once you feel like you’ve written everything down feel free to expand on some of your topics. Why you are grateful or how the people, places, experiences, and things you’ve written down have impacted the person you are today.

DAY 2: What are your biggest dreams and goals?

Write down a few of the things you would like to accomplish. They can be overall goals or they can have a specific time that you are aiming for. These goals can be any size. They can be broad, like working towards self love and confidence. They can also be more specific like a goal to visit a place, or accomplishing a milestone in your career, health, or adventures.

To be clear this might be easy or hard depending on what season of life you might be working through. You can write down as many or as few as you would like.

If you have a hard time coming up with them maybe try writing down old goals and writing out why they don’t fit you anymore. If you have an endless stream of inspiration when it comes to this prompt, try picking your top 3.

End today’s entry with 5 things you are grateful for.

DAY 3: What are you afraid of?

Take a moment to sit with this question for a moment before you start writing. Then as you write, write everything that comes into your mind. If you’re flow of fears starts to lull try asking yourself about opportunities missed or what sort of situations you’ve held back from giving it your all, and why?

I like to create a list first then go back through and ask yourself why these are things that scare you. Why is this a hurdle? Did something happen earlier in life to create this fear block? Was it conditioned into you growing up? The ‘why’ can matter much more than the ‘what’.

Finish the entry with 5 things you are grateful for.

DAY 4: Regrets

Regret. It can be a very powerful stumbling block. When you hear the word regret, what situations come to mind?

Do you ever look back and wonder how your life might be different if you’ve taken a different path? What was the cross roads that you were traveling through during this time? What do you wish you could go back and change?

Write about what happened after you made the decisions you did. Write about why you have these regrets. Are these regrets holding you back from opportunities today? Are these regrets and the comparison game that comes with them holding you back from happiness today?

How can you put a positive on these ‘regrets’? What is the silver-lining of the situation?

Once you finish** The truth about regret is that it’s usually a lesson that you can use to help you in the future. Life is really a bunch of choices and with each choice comes many more situations where you have to choose one way or another. When we hold on to regret, we are blocking ourselves off from happiness in the present.

End today’s journal entry with some gratitude and a little self affirmation.

DAY 5: What is the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Today’s journal entry can be triggering but I also think it is important to look back and see what you’ve already made it through. You can write one situation, a hard season, or write down a list of things.

There are a few different things we commonly hear when going through the tough stuff. There is the response that others have it worse so we shouldn’t be complaining- this is one of my biggest pet peeves because we all have different levels of sensitivity to trauma and no one can tell you how you should feel or how you should be affected by the rough patches of life. There is also the victimhood response where we allow ourselves to unpack and live in a mindset of ‘poor me’. When we do this we take our own power away.

Once you write about your biggest hardships, write down a few things that helped you get through. Or if you aren’t through it yet that’s totally okay too! The truth is, we never really get rid of trauma, but instead we can transform it into battle scars that share a story of hope. As we enter new seasons of life, it is common for old things to pop back up

DAY 6: Are you happy?

Start today’s journal time with a few grounding breaths and let this question sink in for a minute before you start writing. Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your relationships? Your job? How you spend your time?

Write down what makes you happy. Write down what doesn’t. What can you can do to include more of the things that bring you joy? What can you cut back on or even cut out completely?

End today with a gratitude list of 5 people, things, experiences, etc.

DAY 7: A letter to you.

Let’s finish this week with a letter to yourself. It could be a letter to a younger or older you. It could be a letter to yourself from an outside guiding force of love. It could be written affirmations. Write yourself a love letter and touch on some of the things you journaled about this week.

So many of us forget that we are our own biggest sources of love. We are our biggest fans and critics. Give yourself some love. Tell yourself exactly what you’ve been needing to hear.

You got this. You are incredible. And most importantly you already are enough to handle anything that comes your way.

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